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What is "Fitness Grader"?

A simple process for you to assess, test and measure several key personal health and fitness parameters. When those results are plugged into the Grader a simple grade is generated along with suggestions and tools for bettering your grades.

Professional Strength Coaches, Trainers, and Program Administrators will enjoy the customization of both tests and scoring for your needs.

Athlietes, clients, students, as well coaches will benefit from the ongoing tracking, optional sharing and data analysis.

Why is it helpful to utilize the Grader tool?

It's measurable.... With the fitness Grader you have several measuring sticks of your health and/or ability that you can recheck as often as you like.

This tool also allows opportunities for you to self assess and therefore you have zero worries of embarrassment as the privacy is all in your control and can be done from home.

Any other important functions of the Grader?

The most important thing for you to realize beyond Ease and Privacy is PERSONALIZATION. Your Grades are unique to you and based upon your assessment scores. Several tests combine to give you individual event scores AND also a combined Grade.

Programs designed to improve your assessment scores can also be delivered through the Fitness Grader. Share daily program detials, communicate with clients, and receive client feedback.

Additionally, the Fitness Grader does not stand alone. We have another simple tool for you to utilize called the Diet Grader. This is your nutrition solution that will evaluate your current habits, 'Grades' you one both Macro and Micro Nutrient content... AND, it will offer you suggestions to fill the gaps where your diet is missing the mark.

The FIT Launch, Inc. Grader programs are Easy, Personal, Private, and you can utilize them anywhere you have a computer.

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